The Holocaust. Rwanda. Cambodia. Darfur.

After each instance of genocide and mass atrocity, we hear our leaders say “Never Again,”  yet we keep failing to fulfill this promise. Mass violence against innocent civilians, otherwise known as mass atrocities, is still devastating millions around the world today.

The Nexus Fund is making "Never Again" a reality.

By listening and providing direct support to local community leaders on the front lines of violence prevention, peacebuilders and human rights workers, we are preventing mass atrocities before they ever begin.

The Nexus Fund fills a crucial gap in the fight against mass atrocities by building networks and breaking down barriers so that a more global, interconnected community committed to conflict prevention can emerge and have lasting impact.
— Jon Temin, U.S. Institute of Peace
The Nexus Fund’s approach is radically simple: It works behind-the-scenes to provide activists, especially those from conflict-affected areas, the support they say they need to be effective.
— Rebecca Hamilton, Author of Fighting for Darfur
The Nexus Fund is playing a critical role in helping to nurture, catalyze, and professionalize this nascent field of mass atrocity prevention. These are the essential ingredients for our shared long-term success.
— Cameron Hudson, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum