The Nexus Fund works directly with people and organizations on the frontlines of prevention efforts around the world – human rights workers, peace builders, community leaders.

What’s not on the list?

You may notice what’s not on this list: relying on traditional powers like the U.S. government to take action, holding rallies and signing online petitions, and doing things “for” and “to” people rather than with them. Is international engagement and pressure needed to stop terrible people from doing terrible things? Absolutely. However, we must realize that it’s not the only thing that’s needed for us to succeed.

We can do better. And now that we know what it takes, we need your help to make it happen.

What is the Global Community?

Recognizing that there are many organizations whose missions are crucial to the ending of mass atrocities, The Nexus Fund make our resources available to a wide range of organizations and individuals around the world.* This includes human rights organizations, peace-builders, think tanks, academics, humanitarians, local civil society groups and more.

*The Nexus Fund gives priority to providing needed resources to the Global South and in at-risk and conflict-affected regions.