Give online

Write a Check

Support The Nexus Fund by sending a check (made out to “New Venture Fund” who serves as the fiscal sponsor for The Nexus Fund and receives tax‐deductible donations on our behalf. Simply add The Nexus Fund in the Memo line.)

New Venture Fund
1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Amplify Your Gift with Your Workplace

Many workplaces will match your gift to The Nexus Fund. Contact your human resources department to ask if they match charitable gifts.

Make a Grant from Your Donor-Advised Fund or Family Foundation

If you have established a donor-advised fund through a wealth management company or community foundation, consider making a gift to The Nexus Fund through your donor-advised fund.



If you have questions about these options or any other ways to give contact:

Maggie Louise
Grants Manager