Dangerous speech -- or hate speech with the power to catalyze violence -- is an alarming issue globally, and the United States is no exception. Observing the dangerous rise of hate rhetoric in the recent years, we saw a stark need for increased resource sharing and strategic coordination between community leaders and groups working to combat various forms of hate speech across the country.


The Nexus Fund brought together a cross-section of activists, civil society organizations, academics, social scientists, neuroscientists and marketers from across the country working to address hate speech against refugees, immigrants, and racial and religious minorities to share tools, resources, and opportunities to counter such rhetoric more effectively. The workshop was facilitated by Rachel Brown, a pioneer in the field of dangerous speech and author of the new toolkit and guide "Defusing Hate: A Strategic Communication Guide to Countering Dangerous Speech."


At the workshop, leaders shared the challenges they face and discussed the implications of dangerous speech for different communities in the United States. They were able to empathize with and learn from each other, grounded in the understanding that no one organization can fight hate alone. As a result, partnerships emerged, and we are currently awarding micro-grants for specific projects working to address dangerous and hate speech in the U.S. We are continuing to build and expand our work here. To learn more, visit Divided we fall.