Dangerous Speech Global Fund

Request for Proposals | June 2018

Please note: We have extended the deadline for accepting International Dangerous Speech proposals

until July 7th. We are also accepting proposals via email for prospective grantees applying from

geographies with less reliable internet connectivity.


The Dangerous Speech Global Fund aims to support community based, local organizations and activists as they meet the immense challenge of countering hateful rhetoric and dangerous speech. The Nexus Fund, accompanied by academic research done by experts in the field, views Dangerous Speech (DS) as a warning sign that identity-based violence is likely to occur.

“Dangerous Speech is any form of expression (speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk that its audience will condone or participate in violence against members of another group.” -Dangerous Speech Project


Eligibility & Criteria

The Fund aims to support locally designed and implemented projects related to the understanding, monitoring, countering, and/or analysis of Dangerous Speech. In 2018, we are particularly interested in projects that work to:

  • Understand, monitor, or counter Dangerous Speech (speech that can lead to large-scale violence)

  • Prevent violence targeting specific identity-groups (groups targeted based on religion, ethnicity, indigenous-status, trade, etc.)

While we believe in the need for projects that work on all forms of violence prevention, our funding is limited to initiatives working to prevent dangerous speech that can catalyze large-scale violence and mass atrocities. We often support innovative and creative projects.

Our average grant size is $5,000 (USD)

  • Funding requests up to $15,000 (USD) will be considered. However, projects over $10,000 are rarely funded.

  • The project budget submitted can include a reasonable portion of staff time, administrative fees or other overhead costs.

  • Grants must be submitted in local currency rates. Nexus will provide conversion rate.


Successful Proposals

Applicants are invited to reach out to The Nexus Fund to discuss their idea or project before writing a full proposal. The Nexus Fund team is happy to provide feedback and assistance at this stage.

We fund:

  • Projects that are led by local members of the community

  • Projects that actively engage with communities on an ongoing basis

  • Staff time and overhead costs at a reasonable level

We do not fund:

  • Stand-alone workshops or trainings (unless they are a part of a longer-plan that requires a workshop or training to move forward)

  • Individual research projects or scholarships

  • Per diems for participants

  • Posters, handbills or t-shirts (unless this is part of a wider campaign)

Applicants to the Dangerous Speech Global Small Grants Fund must clearly describe:

  1. How Dangerous Speech in their communities has the potential to catalyze mass violence,  

  2. How their proposed project contributes to the understanding, identification, countering, monitoring, and/or analysis of Dangerous Speech in their communities.

Applications can be focused on online and/or offline projects to understand, identify, monitor, and/or counter dangerous speech. Please note: applicants are not expected to concentrate on all of these aspects - applicants are more likely to have their proposals funded if they are targeted and focused in their efforts.


How to Apply

Proposals will be accepted until July 7, 2018. We accept applications in any format, but ask that they not exceed 5 pages in length plus a budget. To help make the proposal writing process as easy as possible, we encourage applicants to reference our Project Proposal Template for guidance (see Appendix A below).

When you are ready to start the application process, please click here to set up your account and profile. When you click this link you will be prompted to create an account on the New Venture Fund Grant Seeker's Portal. You must create this account before submitting a proposal. Once you create an account, you will be taken to a home screen. You should then follow the “Click to access publicly available grant applications” link, and select the “Nexus Fund Dangerous Speech Global Fund” application

If you are unable to access the portal due to less reliable internet connectivity, you can submit your application by emailing your concept note/proposal and budget to grants@nexus-fund.org.  with the subject line: DS Grant Proposal: {Organization Name}.

Proposals to the Dangerous Speech Global Fund from our focus countries, Nigeria, Myanmar, and the United States, will not be accepted. If you are a grant seeker and would like to be notified when proposals are being accepted from one of these countries please contact us at: grants@nexus-fund.org for inquiries about Myanmar and Nigeria, or usprograms@nexus-fund.org for inquiries about the United States.

We aim to inform all applicants of the status of their proposal no later than August 3, 2018. If you have questions or need some support during this process please reach out to our team at: grants@nexus-fund.org with the subject line: 2018 DS Grant: {Organization Name}


APPENDIX A: Project Proposal Template

This is a sample application template for grant proposals to The Nexus Fund. This guideline is intended to assist applicants in writing their proposals, but we accept proposals in other formats as well. We also accept proposals in all languages. In general, proposals should be no more than 5 pages long and include:

Applicant Information:

Please provide:

  • Organization name

  • Organization Website (Social Media platforms are acceptable)

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Your phone number

  • Your position title

  • Your position description

  • Gender (optional)

Executive Summary (suggested length: 1⁄2 page or 250 words max)

This section should summarize your project purpose, plan and activities.

Applicant Description (suggested length: 1⁄2 page or 250 words)

This section should describe who you are. Please include your organization’s mission statement, focus areas, and a short summary of previous projects.

Problem Statement (suggested length: 1⁄2 page or 250 words)

This section should describe how Dangerous Speech or hateful narratives are increasing the risk of mass violence in your community. Include any research, studies, or stories about why this is a problem.

Project Plan (suggested length: 1-2 pages 500-1000 words)

  • Goals & Outcomes: Please share how your project contributes to the understanding, identification, countering, monitoring and/or analysis of Dangerous Speech (hate speech) in your community and how it will address the problem you have described above. Also include the outcomes you hope to see as a result of your work, or what will change as a result of your project.

  • Activities: Please describe the activities you plan to do to reach your goals and outcomes.

  • Project Location: Please describe the location(s) where your project will take place.

  • Project Timeline: Please send a timeline of when your project will begin and end, major activities, and the time when you will evaluate or reflect on your project to understand the results.

Learning (suggested length: 1⁄2 page or 250 words)

  • This section should describe how you will know if your project is successful. What measurements will you use to show that your project had an impact?

  • These numbers should not be the same as the activities you complete. For example, if you plan to do an advocacy meeting, we would like to know how you will know if your advocacy meeting was successful, not simply that you completed the advocacy meeting.

Plan for Sustainability (suggested length: 1⁄2 page or 250 words)

  • This section will address how your project will either continue on or have a long-term impact after the grant time period ends.

Project Budget

  • This section should include your budget for all project activities.

  • Grants must be submitted in local currency rates. Nexus will provide conversion rate.

**Header photo by Lindsay Branham