A Letter From Our Country Director

The U.N. is calling for Myanmar generals to be charged for genocide and crimes against humanity. While their report will not undo the horrific violence, it will support justice and accountability – a vital step toward preventing further atrocities. This damning report also provides the Rohingya with much-needed acknowledgement of the horrors they are suffering, which are still denied by their own government.

Supporters of The Nexus Fund directly contributed to making this day possible. Here’s what their donations did:

  • Helped to collect raw footage of the genocide from Rohingya mobile phones, and helped produce this powerful film (warning: contains graphic content) by Taimoor Sobhan of Fortify Rights, published yesterday by the New York Times.

  • Provided resources to Rohingya leaders to work together covertly and publicly to organize and ensure that Rohingya voices were heard.

  • Funded support for a groundbreaking report by Fortify Rights on the military's preparations for genocide, which made headlines worldwide and was read widely by government officials internationally.

When I moved to Myanmar a year ago to ensure we were doing everything in our power to help, I could not imagine the devastation I would see and hear about. Yet I also witnessed resilience in our local partners, and they deserve all the credit for this giant step forward. (Most have asked to remain anonymous for security reasons.) The donations from everyday people made a difference.

  • Our supporters saved lives: At the height of the violence, the Myanmar government restricted humanitarian aid from reaching Rohingya who were running out of food and water, and without medical care. Our partners went on foot to get critical supplies to roughly 90,000 vulnerable men, women, and children.

  • Our supporters helped Rohingya fight for their rights: Our partners ran covert programs in modern-day concentration camps to teach more than 150 men and women basic numeracy and literacy in local languages, helping them advocate for their own rights.

  • Our supporters helped locals combat hate speech: Despite raising the alarm for years, local leaders working to combat hate never received enough resources to effectively tackle the issue. At their request, we supported retreats and provided supplies for activists to safely coordinate efforts to prevent more violence.

I cannot begin to express how extraordinary the leaders who we partner with on the ground are. In the face of adversity, they are willing to stand up for the rights of all, regardless of race or ethnicity. They work for the greater good, putting their own safety at risk far too often. They are brave. They make me laugh. And they are so grateful that people like you believe in them.

We look forward to sharing more updates on our support for their efforts.


Maggie Leahy | Country Director