Substantial gaps in issue-area knowledge hinder the ability of our community to define goals and objectives, test assumptions and strategies, and evaluate efforts. The Nexus Fund supports research projects that advance the knowledge of the community. Research projects supported by The Nexus Fund feed into regular convenings and other learning opportunities, and the research agenda is shaped with direct input from practitioners.

Mapping Our Community

During a 2011 convening to end mass atrocities, practitioners observed that because our community is only beginning to grapple with its complexity and global scale, the basic identification of actors, approaches and issues is a necessary step in building and strengthening networks of practitioners. In response to this need, The Nexus Fund’s first research project is to create a geographic and issue-area map of the community, in order to facilitate networking and collaboration, and will make this information available to all practitioners to use as they see fit. The first pieces of this mapping are to:

(1) Identify the organizations and individuals working in our community, as well as identify gaps and areas of need; and

(2) Better understand the lay of the land in nations considered to be emerging powers, such as South Africa, India, Brazil, Indonesia and China.


  • “The Nexus Fund is playing a critical role in helping to nurture, catalyze, and professionalize this nascent field of mass atrocity prevention.  These are the essential ingredients for our shared long-term success.”

    -Cameron Hudson, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • “That the Nexus Fund decided that rising powers should be the focus of its global convening illustrates that it is able to look ahead and identify knowledge and capacity gaps that urgently need to be filled.”

    -Tom Wheeler, Saferworld U.K.

  • “The Nexus Fund’s approach is radically simple: It works behind-the-scenes to provide activists, especially those from conflict-affected areas, the support they say they need to be effective.”

    -Rebecca Hamilton, Author of Fighting for Darfur

  • “What is needed today is a strong civil society that can work with and push states to fulfill the responsibility to protect. The Nexus Fund helps build and support this global community of dedicated individuals and organizations to help make this possible.”

    -Naomi Kikoler, Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect

  • “The emergence of a community of advocates for global action against mass atrocity crimes is crucial for the effective implementation of the Responsibility to Protect.”

    -Dr. Noel Morada, Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

  • “The Nexus Fund fills a crucial gap in the fight against mass atrocities by building networks and breaking down barriers so that a more global, interconnected community committed to conflict prevention can emerge and have lasting impact.”

    -Jon Temin, U.S. Institute of Peace

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